Monday, May 3, 2010

EXCERPT from: 'Prince Eternal: Sacred Soul' (Book One)

    Vlad felt the woman's breasts against his chest as she leaned into his unclad and bandaged body that reeked from the pungent healing herbs.  He strained against the shackles, wanting to be in control, yet kept prisoner by the gripping hunger deep in his belly. He tasted the greed on her lips before sampling the salt layering her flesh, which beckoned him to drink of her lifeblood. Once she positioned herself against his aching body, Vlad bore his weight on shackled wrists so he could wrap his long muscular legs around her hips.
    With erotic strokes, he caressed her neck with his tongue until she moaned with anticipation. As her body slackened into his, he was lost to the crippling need. His canines swiftly broke the skin protecting her pulsing vein and struck the salty stream. Vlad savored every precious swallow until his starved belly bloated with nourishment. He let his legs drop to the floor, taking the pressure off his numb wrists. He withdrew his ivory daggers from her swollen, saliva-dampened neck. The lifeblood sharpened Vlad's senses instantly while his muscles tingled with extraordinary strength.  . . .

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