Thursday, April 29, 2010

EXCERPT From: Prince Eternal: Sacred Blood (Book Two)

Monique Marie Author of adult Vampire, Paranormal, Historical, & Erotica. My two newly published novels, 'Prince Eternal: Sacred Soul' & 'Prince Eternal: Sacred Blood' can only be ordered either on-line or at your local bookstore. They are too new to be stocked.

EXCERPT from: 'Prince Eternal: Sacred Blood' (Book Two). . .

It flowed like a river of lava across her flesh. The air heavily laden with a masculine musk encompassed her. A heated breath whispered across her now heated skin. Her nipples piqued at the tantalizing touch of her faceless lover. She felt the moan building in ther throat before she heard it. Fingers, gentle yet strong, soothed the tension from her brow. Callused hands started at the soles of her feet and caressed a path over her knees, up her inner thighs. Knowing fingers probed and separated her womanly folds. A cool, sensual breath fluttered across her sensitive, exposed flesh. A soft tongue flickered from her well to the tip of her engorged nub.  . . Read more in my novels. . . .

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