"Reborn of Blood" an Erotic short story by Monique Marie

                                                              “Reborn of Blood"
                                                                  Monique Marie

    Cassy, who had been a track runner in college, lay prone on her bed. One at a time, she stretched out her legs, rubbed them out like her physical therapist had taught her. She attempted to shake the numbness from them, to at least feel a prick of pain or discomfort, yet the outcome was always the same.
    Not since she had fallen into a ravine during a trip to Wallachia, Romania, had she been able to walk. The doctors were baffled by her inability to rise of her own accord, for there seemed to be no medical reason for her disability. They chalked it up to swelling around her spinal cord. They were optimistic about her prognosis and nearly guaranteed that she would walk again sometime in the future.
    Shaking her head, Cassy bit her lip and wiped strands of blonde hair from her eyes along with straying tears. She didn't normally break down and cry, but she felt so helpless. In her life, she controlled all aspects of her life. She was a strong woman and very athletic. To lose the use of half her body frustrated her and brought on a depression that remained constant and consuming.
    At the age of twenty-seven, Cassy, considered herself a burden on her family, who had forced her to move back home, so that they could keep an eye on her more than assist her with her disability as they claimed. The pity in their eyes could not be hidden no matter how hard they tried. Especially since Adrian had left her.
   Her fiance had always bragged about her being unstoppable, fearless, and adventurous. It didn’t take him long to decide that those attributes were what bonded her to him. And now that her long, athletic legs served no purpose and even making love was awkward and unsatisfactory for her, Adrian wasted no time in clearing his things out of their shared apartment.
    Although, he had been the one to suggest they travel to her homeland to visit the beautiful countryside and to climb the mountain to the famous Dracula’s Castle, he claimed no responsibility. It had been his idea to bypass the stone stairs leading to the century’s old fortress and try to make a mountain climber out of her.
    She had lost her footing and fallen thirty feet, landing on her back. It had been embarrassing and inconvenient at the time. Now, that fall was ruining her life. She was suppose to be returning to Wallachia to join an group of fellow archeologists to dig at Snagov Island, the supposed place of Vladimir Dracula’s burial site.
     Now, she sat like an invalid in her parent’s house, helpless like a babe. Maybe it would be better for all if she just took a handful of her prescribed sleeping pills and ended it. Just as that thought slithered through her mind a spark of pain blasted behind her eyes.
    “Damn it,” yelped Cassy. She wasn’t superstitious, but the timing of her stupid idea coupled with the blinding pain, convinced her that thoughts of suicide were not acceptable.
    “Ok. Geeze. It was just a thought. Sorry,” she whispered to the air, offering an apology to an unseen force, be it God or something else. Again, she wasn’t superstiious, but she was taking no chances.
    Exhausted from her day of physical therapy and trying to appear content to her parents, Cassy closed her eyes and welcomed sleep. She would not give up on her legs. The doctors hadn’t so why would she? She allowed sleep to claim her.

    Something brushed her ticklish foot. Cassy mentally moved her foot though physically it remained where it was. Asleep, she could not form a reason for why she had felt the sensation on her foot, for during wakefulness her legs and feet had no feeling.
    Soft kisses brushed the instep of her foot. The fluttering pulses of breath and kisses moved up her calf to the back of her knee. Immediately, a shot ran through her womanly flesh to her core. What devil possessed her body? Cassy sighed as her dream-lover worked his way across her thigh to her rump. His warm breath pierced her before his warm tongue drew a path of circles to the base of her spine.
    Then strong but gentle fingers parted her feminine folds as his broad shoulders pushed her legs wider. As she lay on her stomach, she was helpless to his onslaught.
    His tongue licked the outside of her canal before penetrating her. Mentally, she bucked trying to take him deeper. Yet she remained paralyzed.
    Cassy felt a low groan in the back of her throat before it turned into a whimper. Her faceless lover manipulated and laved until her womb shuttered with climax. Her slick pussy was wet with his kisses then felt chilled when he abandoned it. He moved over her, slipping inside from behind.
    God, he was so big. He filled her to the hilt. Her climax continued as he moved in and out, in and out. Her fingers clutched her sheets as she mentally begged him to plunge deep and stay there for just a moment. He abided, somehow knowing her need.
    Then he continued the rhythmic push of his pelvis and as her orgasm continued in waves, he released his seed, she milking him with spasms deep inside.
    “Live, my sweet. Think not of death. Not when I live. Come home to me.” a deep whisper penetrated her ear, then her lover moved down her body. Suddenly a sharp pain shot through her lower back as the man sucked at her flesh. It was erotic and painful at the same time.
     As the pain subsided, Cassy tried to shake free of her slumber to embrace the man who brought her such pleasure. She didn’t need to, for he lifted her in his arms and held her against a muscular chest.
     “Cassy, sip the wine of life and you shall find what it is you seek. Drink love, taste me.” His wrist touched her lips and a warm salty liquid flowed over her tongue and down her throat. Once it reached her belly, she became ravenous for it. She suckled like a kitten until a gentle hand cupped her face. His lips moved over hers, his tongue savoring her, offering her a breath of life. When the onslaught subsided, her dream-lover disappeared, leaving her to a dreamless rest.

    “My God, Cassy, what did you do, throw a fit?” Her mothers voice filled the otherwise quiet room. “Your sheets are a mess around you.”
     Shaking off the affects of a restless night, Cassy pushed away from her bed. She tried to sit up, but she became lightheaded and the room swam before her. Dropping back onto the bed, she opened her eyes.
    “Mom, I need a little help. I feel really weak,” cried Cassy.
    “Are you feeling well?”
    “I don’t know. Help me up, please.” Again, Cassy pushed up and at the same time, she brought her left leg beneath her so that she could sit.
    “Cassy!” screamed her mother.
    “What.” Looking up at her mom, Cassy saw the look of utter disbelief and shock on her face.
    “You are sitting. You moved your legs.” Her mom started to dance around.
     Not wanting to jinx the moment, Cassy slowly looked down at her legs. She willed them to move. Like nothing had ever happened to her, Cassy wiggled her toes, moved her legs and then clapped in complete elation.
    She was free!
    To be back in Wallachia was bitter sweet. So much had changed since her last visit here six months ago, but Cassy was not about to ponder on the negative. Not when she had so much to live for. Having just arrived, she was to settle into the small bed and breakfast then meet her archeology team tomorrow before heading to Snagov Island. She was excited to be working on such a high profile gravesite. Her father having been born in Wallachia, Cassy took pride in doing research on a Romanian hero as was Vladimir Dracula.

    The road trip to Snagov Island had been a scenic one, beautiful beyond reason as spring blossomed all around. New homes and buildings surrounded old stone structures, some being used for barns or just too dilapidated for any use at all.
    As Cassy and her team of seven got into the boat, to cross over the lake to Snagov, the sun suddenly disappeared behind black storm clouds.
   “How odd,” one of the men said. “There were no clouds at all moments ago. What a weird country.”
A very strange feeling skittered through Cassy’s entire body. A heat enveloped her, squeezing like a serpent.
    Once they docked, the team moved to shore. The group leader, Dr. Lenard, ushered them towards the century’s old church, currently under construction.
    “Ladies and gentlemen, I would introduce you to our host in this country and an expert on Vladimir Dracula, Dr. Xavier Dracula, descendent of the very man we seek.” Dr. Lenard stepped aside.
    Cassy’s blue eyes widened at the sight of their host. As he met her regard, she froze. His long black hair caught the sudden wind while his gaze, darker then any night, narrowed on her. High cheek bones bespoke his royal heritage. He bowed his head slightly, his mystical eyes never leaving hers. His muscles rippled beneath a very shear white shirt.
    Suddenly, Cassy’s mouth went dry and she could not think of what to say to this very tall, very beautiful man. His wide jaw tensed as his raven brows raised in question. Stepping towards him, Cassy held out her hand. As the man closed his rough fingers around hers, a jolt of electricity shot through her. A swirling blackness consumed her.

    Her faceless lover rose above her. Cassy willed her eyes to open. Long strands of black hair reached her face as he held his torso above her naked breasts. His unrelenting stare pinned her to a fur-ladened bed. Then he lowered himself to one breast. His tongue circled her nipple before he took it gently between his teeth. At the same time, he pressed his engorged cock against her pelvic bone before spreading her legs with his own.
    She moaned and arched her back to meet his ministrations to her other breast.
    He dominated her, forced her arms above her head and manacled her wrists with one hand. He traced her lips with the fingers on his free hand until she took two into her mouth. She sucked until he removed them only to insert them into her slick cunt. He readied her. Then he mounted her. He stroked her womb with each glide of his engorged member.
    Cassy pleaded for release, yet he teased by pulling out and nipping her neck. When he finally rammed back inside, he pierced the flesh of her neck. His hips pumped as he drank his fill. Raising his head, her lover licked his blood-soaked lips.
    “Drink your fill, for you are home, Cassy. You are home.”
    Cassy took his offered wrist where he had drawn blood. As he fucked her she drank. Her head swam as her pussy accepted each pulsing thrust of her warrior-like lover.
    He pulled his wrist away and took her mouth hard. His long canines nipped at her bottom lip. The taste of her own blood on his lips was intoxicating. Grabbing her buttocks, her lover lifted her onto his lap, forcing himself even deeper into her.
     Sparks split in her head as a shattering climax gripped her. The man grabbed her hair and exposed her neck. Goading his canines into neck once more, he growled as he reached his own climax.
    “Breath, my love”
    “Cassy?” Dr. Lenard’s voice penetrated her fragmented mind from somewhere near.
    Opening her eyes, Cassy looked up into the face of the beautiful stranger, Dr. Dracula.
    “Do not fret, Cassy. You are home,” the man’s deep whispered words claimed her soul.