Tuesday, May 18, 2010

EXCERPT from: Prince Eternal: Sacred Archives of the Soul

He splayed his hands on either side of her head. The vein at his temple ticked though his breath never came. It would have been better had he drawn air like a mortal. But Vlad was no man, he was a godly Prince cast among men. He was her mate, for good or no, she was bound to him. Her mind screamed for her to kick out at him, to gain her release, but she knew he would punish her worse than if she remained.

"You are without ground, Princess. You cast your words without thought. You take chances when the risk outweighs the benefit. Do you know what they would have done to you should you have been found out?"

Vashti stared at her enraged lover, as his growled dictate left her depleted of energy.

"Princess?" He moved his one hand to cover her breast. Slowly he lowered his head, his long raven mane fell around his shoulders and the silver slits in his black eyes narrowed further. "I would have you swear to stay away from the mortals who would see you dead."

Vashti couldn't breath let alone speak. Vlad ground his hips into hers, sparking an explosion deep in her core. She moaned in response to his physical request for her to acquiesce. Innately, Vashti reached down and anchored herself to Vlad by grabbing his muscular backside. Vlad slid his hand from her breast to her hair and he pulled her head towards his. He claimed her mouth with an urgency that stunned her.
His hardened length met with her moist, pouting lips. She was ready for him . . . EXCERPT from: Prince Eternal: Sacred Archives of the Soul (Book Three)

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